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DIY Greenhouse

Post by GaijinAgain »

I got a bunch of nicely framed safety glass windows from a high school that was being rebuilt and they've been sitting in my garden for a couple years now. Well, I finally got around to actually using some of them. (Not even half – but since I ended up with a random assortment of sizes, I have never really gotten around to designing a full on hot house like I had imagined. Not to mention the windows are heavier than hell.)

It's tiny compared to a real farm, but since I'm just tinkering, I think it will do for now.

First I kind of mocked up what it would look like. This gave me an idea of what kind of hardware I was going to need in order to hold such heavy windows together.

Then I picked the final location, dug out and leveled the foundation and put it all together. I just happened to have been touching up the window caulking on the house, so I used the last of one tube for the corners. The ceiling is hinged and the front right panel also opens up as a door. I’ve used some foam weather stripping where there were gaps when the ceiling is closed.


Judging by the water condensation inside it seems like it has sealed quite nicely, especially now that I’ve filled in all the holes in the bricks with dirt. The pineapples appear to be pretty happy, so we’ll have to see how they do over the winter. The sun was a bit much for the little avocado tree I had and the leaves got pretty sunburned.

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Re: DIY Greenhouse

Post by Zasso Nouka »

Looks pretty good GaijinAgain, your pineapples seem to be quite happy in there.

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Re: DIY Greenhouse

Post by mylhendir »

oh wow that is neat! i enjoy seeing wacky at home built stuff using materials from something else not remotely for the purpose.