Building on your property

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Building on your property

Post by OnionChutney »

One for you land owners:

We've saved up enough to buy a property, but we are expecting another injection of cash a few years down the line. So, we're looking at properties with potential to build on (either extend the existing house, or build a new second building on the land). Because of this, I've been looking at the coverage ratios, but if anyone could provide a bit more clarity it would be much appreciated!

One example we've found that looks good has:
建ぺい率 : 60% and 容積率 : 200%

The land is 1,227m2, and the current house is 220m2 (total) / 160m2 (ground floor).

I'm no maths-whizz, but current 建ぺい率 is just 13% (ground floor size/land size x 100)
and current 容積率 is just shy of 18% (total house area/land size x 100).

Am I right to assume that I could build on the land, as there's a load of wiggle room in these coverage rations? (Obviously, depending on permits, permissions, etc.)

Thanks in advance
We think we've found our house in the countryside near Munakata City, but we want to be sure!

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Building on your property

Post by Zasso Nouka »

My guess would be that you should be fine but it's probably worth checking with the local shiyakusho as they are the ones at the end of the day who will say yes or no. Or if you have a building company in mind check with them.