Vinyl houses, tunnels and typhoons

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Vinyl houses, tunnels and typhoons

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I'm guessing this is pretty niche but it might be useful to someone else one day. With typhoon #15 being fresh in mind and the damage it inflicted on vinyl houses and tunnels I've been thinking of ways to try and mitigate damage.

The main defense seems to be orientation. Houses that were perpendicular to the direction typhoon 15 came in on suffered the most damage with many of the poles being mangled beyond repair, whereas houses that were end on to the approaching typhoon seemed to suffer little or no damage. So if you can build your poly tunnels end on to the majority of typhoons you receive in your area and have good internal bracing that could minimise damage.

Something that is harder to arrange is having a suitable wind brake, two of our poly tunnels are on the leeward side of our forest and they suffered absolutely no damage whatsoever. The edge of the forest there is all bamboo so no trees to fall over onto either tunnel. The possible downside here is that for the rest of the time a nearby forest could shade the tunnels excessively slowing growth down to unacceptable levels. Being on the leeward side of a hill would probably be better and shade less.

Incorrectly secured vinyl, not really a solution, more of a happy accident I guess. One of our neighbours had recently put some cheap vinyl on one of their houses and never got around to properly securing it. The typhoon stripped it off the house right at the beginning so luckily the poles were not damaged. I guess you could remove the vinyl if a particularly strong typhoon was due but that's a real hassle and you'll loose everything inside.