Thinking about chickens

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Thinking about chickens

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Zasso Nouka wrote:
Fri Mar 27, 2020 5:40 am
Not sure about posting, don't think live chicks are a thing but you can get fertilised eggs posted and then pop them into an incubator.
Do you have any links to sites that would send fertised eggs?
There are plenty of poultry places in the area near my place but none willing to sell chicks. My wife would also throw a wobbler if I had a couple of roosters crowing early in the morning. :lol:
Could let one of my broodier hens sit on a cluster for a few weeks and eat any males produced once they are big enough.
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Thinking about chickens

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This link comes from @Eric in Japan


We had roosters for the first few years but to be honest they soon become a real pain in the ass. I like to get up early in the morning but they can be really noisy buggers and if it's a full moon they just won't shut up. Also during their first year they are quite chilled but at some point after they can get really feisty, almost bordering on homicidal. They have a sharp claw on the back of their foot that can easily draw blood, that's the point they get an invitation to be the special guest at a roast dinner :twisted: