Akiya & Inaka Resources

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Akiya & Inaka Resources

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So I release a newsletter almost weekly through my company, Akiya & Inaka, with various resources for people looking to explore Not-Tokyo. Figured I'd post that here, too, when I release it, and also ask for others to include their own go-to resources, if any!

This week's (first of 2022) includes language immersion programs in Nishi Izu, an akiya hunt in Manazuru, a playlist of what I've been listening to while conducting research, and new investor services.

That akiya hunt thing is actually sorta important to me. It's not hard to look at that and think, "well, jeez, you didn't include any information on this, it's useless!" And that's kind of the point - it's easy enough for people to repeat what they've heard about akiya, but it's another thing entirely to have actually gone through a little bit of the research yourself. Our goal with that is to help people realize the breadth and idiosyncrasies of the Akiya Problem on a more visceral level than is generally held.


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Akiya & Inaka Resources

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Thanks for posting, looks like an interesting read. I'll dip into it over the next few days.