Skiing in Japan - snow types

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Skiing in Japan - snow types

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Apologies if this is off topic for this forum.
Long story short, I would like to buy 1 pair of skis and be able to use it all across Japan (where there's snow :lol: ). Is there such "all-mountain-ski" that performs well in most of the snow-conditions found here? I'm talking about powder snow and the normal heavy/wet snow which I understand Japan has heaps as well. We live in Yamanashi now and have been to couple of powder places like Myoko-kogen etc..with hired skis, when we lived in Australia.

Just looking for recommendations for a well performing gear for most conditions, as I do not want to rent anymore.
Thank you
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Skiing in Japan - snow types

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Sadly I can't give you any advice as last time I donned skis I broke my leg in two places and tend to keep well away from it these days :roll: :lol: