Pilgrimage Routes

Have somewhere you'd recommend to other members ? Or somewhere you really enjoyed and want to share.
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Re: Pilgrimage Routes

Post by Brandon88 » Tue May 14, 2019 5:27 pm

I saw a few people doing the 88 Temple route by bicycle, and that could be a good option. There are definitely a couple long boring highway stretches you cant really avoid. Yet, on many of the road walking portions there is also the possibility of taking an alternate mountain path route. Many people get lazy and just walk the road (We did a few times), but some of the most beautiful sections where the alternate mountain paths. Actually, the mountain paths are typically part of the original route, but people stopped using them when the roads were developed. So one down side to biking would be missing out on the mountain trails (There's so many!). Often the path will be un bikeable mountain trail and you will end up stuck to the road more looking for detours around the mountains. When not in the mountains, most of the road walking is passing through small villages full of friendly people wanting to give you aid on your journey, food, water, sweets, shelter, sometimes even money! Experiances with the locals make some of the best memories and I could see passing them by on bike. The amount of actual highway walking is pretty small and for those few times you could always hitchhike!

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Re: Pilgrimage Routes

Post by dayunbao » Wed May 29, 2019 5:38 am

If there are mountain paths available as alternatives to walking along highways, then I'm more interested than ever. This pilgrimage would probably be the one to schedule between jobs, as there's no telling when I'd be able to get enough time off to do the whole thing on foot (at least in one go).