Corn Pottage (Corn soup) Recipe / w/ Pics!

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Corn Pottage (Corn soup) Recipe / w/ Pics!

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Figured I might as well post up my corn pottage recipe. This was self-developed so it might be different from what you buy in the supermarket but it's REALLY delicious.

This recipe is ULTRA simple to make, and only needs 6 basic ingredients. It takes around 10 minutes to make a huge batch of this stuff.

You need..

1L to 1.5L of milk (More milk if you want a more liquidy soup, less if you want it more of a thick pottage)
6 consome cubes
200-400g of corn, this is usually 2 small tins or one bag.
3 tablespoons of flour
1-2 tablespoons of butter or olive oil

Dump the milk in your pot, and the corn as well. Start heating it up at medium heat. Don't use too high a heat or the milk will burn on the bottom of the pot. Add 6 consome cubes and stir them up a bit, but don't worry too much about it yet.

While that's going on, you are going to make a roux in a smaller pot or frying pan. Throw in all the flour, turn on gentle heat and then add 1 tablespoon of oil and stir constantly. If it's lumpy after 20 seconds or so of stirring, add a little more oil or butter. But don't overdo it or the roux loses its thickening power. Stir the roux constantly on gentle heat. Once you start to get a nutty smell from the roux, it's ready. The milk should also be almost boiling or starting to froth at this point. Turn the heat on both pots very low, and start ladling in the milk into the roux and stir constantly. It will take quite a lot of milk. It will be like porridge or dough at first, but once you add enough milk it will take on the familiar corn soup texture.

After the roux is less like porridge and more like soup, stir it all into the big soup pot. Then use a stick/immersion blender right in the soup pot to liquefy it all. I generally add a little less than 1 tsp of salt to the pot.

DONE. Total time is literally about 10 minutes.

Serve with freshly cracked pepper in the bowl and with some bread and cheese for a yummy cold day treat.


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Re: Corn Pottage (Corn soup) Recipe / w/ Pics!

Post by Zasso Nouka »

That really does look tasty man, got to love home made soup and bread. A truly awesome combination.