Manly low carb recipes.

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Re: Manly low carb recipes.

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all you can eat yakiniku or shabushabu should hit the spot when it comes to low carb eating out. Just avoid any marinated meats at the yakiniku.
If you live near Kobe you could visit the churrasco restaurant in Harborland.

When we go there with Senor Gonbe and his brother, the waitstaff shout rude things at them in Portuguese.
They are Japanese but raised in Argentina so have a copious appetite for meat.
I usually am full within 20 minutes but the Gonbe brothers settle in for a massive eat, go off to the men's facilities after about an hour to erm, void some ballast, and then settle in for some more serious meat imbibing.

If you aren't near Kobe, do a google search to see if there are any Brazilian Restaurants in your area.