a beef with beef....

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a beef with beef....

Post by gonbechan »

Senor Gonbe made a discovery of Angus beef at Aprice this Sunday.
He arrived home with a 2kg pack that had been marked down to 3000Y
It said Beef skirt, but it was decidedly thicker than skirt steak, with some connective tissue like parts and quite a large grain with good marbling.

Not really knowing what it was, I decided to make a nice beef stew with a tomato and smoked paprika base.
Senor Gonbe chopped it up into generous (read startlingly large) bite sized cubes and I seared the meat in batches because there was just so much of it. (and of course Senor Gonbe had to pinch a bit to try as is, and it was very flavoursome and not at all tough), browned 2 large onions and added 2 carrots and close to a head of garlic.

At this stage the pressure cooker was dangerously full and was only able to add seasoning and herbs, a can of tomato and a 1/4 cup of water to provide the steam.
I cooked it at high pressure for 15 min and then let it depressure naturally.

This then went into the slow cooker with some tomato puree, generous amounts of smoked paprika, more black pepper and left it for about 4 hours on high.

We ate it with a little sour cream and rice. It was amazing. The meat was falling apart but still succulent. The copious leftovers went into the fridge.

Added a can of red kidney beans, some more carrots (i Love carrots) and some brocolli... heated it all up again...
Had it with potatoes in their jackets.. The still plentiful leftovers once more went into the fridge...

Had some for breakfast,. had some for lunch.. and killed the last of it for dinner.

Next time I think I shall freeze the leftovers in single portions.
I also think I need an Instapot electric pressure cooker.

I don't need any beef for a good while to come. (Senor Gombe disagrees)

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Re: a beef with beef....

Post by Zasso Nouka »

Sounds more like you had half a cow there :lol: