How to make persimmon vinegar

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Zasso Nouka
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How to make persimmon vinegar

Post by Zasso Nouka »

I'm certainly curious to hear how you get on so do please report back.

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Eric in Japan
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How to make persimmon vinegar

Post by Eric in Japan »

I just went to check the persimmon vinegar I made last fall. In the spring it was beautiful, the big glass jar half full of sparkling clear vinegar above the persimmons that had wilted down below.

Apparently summer was not good to the water content of the vinegar, and I found a 2cm thick mother sitting on top of the wilted persimmons, and when I tried to drain off the remaining vinegar, I got about two tablespoons of liquid.

(not to self- bottle the vinegar in the spring next year)
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How to make persimmon vinegar

Post by donguri »

Good to know, Eric, sorry to hear it though. I actually found a recipe for persimmon vinegar in a Japanese preserving book (written in English by Nancy Singleton Hachisu) a couple days ago. She recommends stirring every couple days until the fermentation really takes off and then she bottles it before the heat of summer.

Did you stir yours at all? Or just leave it sit?

I'm also considering trying a batch of country style persimmon wine using a method I found in The Wildcrafting Brewer by Pascal Baudar. It's another long-term project, at least 6 months, but he suggests one year for optimal flavor.

And since I'm going on about persimmons, I'll mention that I made a nice persimmon chutney a few days ago and will be making persimmon upside down cakes from next week for the restaurant.