Otaru City 100¥ Land 231.43 m²

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Otaru City 100¥ Land 231.43 m²

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What it says on the box, 231.43 m² residential land in Otaru City
However, there being no such thing as a free lunch there are some restrictions

Restrictions on laws and regulations: Housing land development construction regulation law
■ Property tax / city planning tax is 11,500 yen in FY2019.
■ The water supply pipe is drawn in via the private land.
 It is drawn in from the common pipe of 1942.
 It is expected that the service pipe will be replaced during new construction.
 The cost will increase to around 500,000.

Of course one would also be liable for tax and transfer fees etc.

But hey.. a dollar (or thereabouts) property

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Re: Otaru City 100¥ Land 231.43 m²

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I think the owner would have to pay someone to 'buy' the property!!!

Even at that price it is too high.

Otaru is a neat little city to visit and the canal area has some nice shops.