Table Farming in Mie

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Table Farming in Mie

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Hi everyone. I'm an Aussie, was in Nagoya for 20 years and after marrying, bought a nice fixer-upper in Kuwana in Mie 5 years back. Started out with a couple of box gardens in the back yard, and then went hunting for unused local farms. Found one about 100 tsubo that the owner lets me take care of, and have had some success with Anno sweet potatoes and broad beans so far. Got about 300 onions in now, which are coming along nicely. Got a K truck and have been carting loads of cow manure from a local "ranch", as well as rice husks. Built some mulch cages behind my farm shed, and collected many truckloads of leaves from local parks last fall, which have now become a nice amount of mulch for soil improvement and moisture retention for the coming summer.
Recently built a chicken tractor in the back yard, and am now looking for some chooks to live in it and produce eggs for the family.

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Re: Table Farming in Mie

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Welcome to JSL, sounds like you have a really good setup going with lots more good coming in along the way.

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Re: Table Farming in Mie

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Welcome to JapanSimpleLife,

And thank you for taking the time to sign up, we really do appreciate that. That's a pretty sweet arrangement you have there. Sounds like a pretty neat approach to building up soil fertility you've got going, I was really surprised by how little organic matter there seems to be in many agricultural soils here and that has been a focus of our farming since we started. Take care of the soil and it will take care of your plants has always been our approach to farming.

How are your onions doing ? Our's are only just now starting to make bulbs but they are a late maturing variety and we're hoping that not too many of them flower this year, last year nearly half of them flowered so we couldn't sell them.

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Re: Table Farming in Mie

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Welcome! I'm particularly jealous of your kei-truck.