Hello from Nagano

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Hello from Nagano

Post by Jamie »

Hi all,

I'm Jamie - originally from Scotland, now living in Nagano-ken. We recently bought a 60tsubo house, on about 1000sqm of land. We had quite a rigmarole to go through to get the land zoning changed from farm to residential. The other 1000sqm or so is remaining as farm land that we have a 3 year delayed purchase on, during which time we have to prove our worth as farmers to get the final approval to buy it. With a big renovation of the house underway (we currently have no bathroom!!), the establishment of a farm, and a new baby on the way - I have my work cut out for me. But we are enjoying it! I'm looking forwards to sharing my experience and learning from everyone on this forum.

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Zasso Nouka
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Re: Hello from Nagano

Post by Zasso Nouka »

Hi Jamie and welcome to Japan Simple Life.

Thank you so much for joining, we really do appreciate that. Sounds like you've got quite a project on the go, should be good fun, I'd love to hear how you guys get on with it. Are you doing the renovation yourself or getting tradesmen in to help with the work ?

That's an interesting situation with the land, you must have had to really work at it to get the zoning changed but at least you managed to get it done. Are you able to use the other plot of land in the meantime to help prove you will be farming it in the future or do you have to do something else ?

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Re: Hello from Nagano

Post by gonbechan »

So wonderful to have you here Jamie. It will be interesting if you ever found the time to tell us about your experience getting the land rezoned.
I think many people would benefit learning through your experience.

Also looking forward to house and farming porn pictures :D

Ibaraki llama
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Re: Hello from Nagano

Post by Ibaraki llama »

Welcome Jamie, sounds like a lot of work/fun. We’re just starting the process of getting adjacent farmland converted to residential - might have to tap your brain at some point!