Aye up from Tokushima

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Aye up from Tokushima

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Ah, Kamiyama - the land of Shosanji. I've been through there on foot, as a henro in 2016. Shosanji sure was a wake-up call!! I didn't quite make it into downtown "Kamiyama proper", rather I skirted the northern hills and valleys, stayed overnight in Ano, and hoofed it the next day to into Tokushima city the "back way" via Route 20/21.

Gorgeous area. I don't think I've ever been as hungry in my life as I was after that hike, To Shosanji from Kamojima, ending in Ano. Insane thing to do in January. :naughty:

Would be fun to get a look at your gallery/etc. if you have anything posted.