Ben from Fukuoka

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Ben from Fukuoka

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Hello everyone.
I live in the city due to my work being located there but I eventually want to move to the inaka in Itoshima. Back home in Oregon I lived and worked on a few permaculture oriented households and really loved the whole mentality of self sufficiency and land stewardship. I traded all of that to live in a shoebox apartment in Japan. My dream is to have a small plot and space to experiment with indoor mushroom cultivation here so I'm slowly angling my life back in that direction. If any members here live in the area and wouldn't mind me volunteering with any projects you have going on, I would love to help and learn more about permaculture, animal husbandry, beekeeping and any other useful skills.

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Zasso Nouka
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Ben from Fukuoka

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Hi Ben and welcome to Japan Simple Life, thank you for taking the time to sign up. We really do appreciate that.

We're not permaculture over here at The Hive & Barrow but it is really nice eating fresh organic vegetables most days of the week. Luckily Japan really appreciates good quality mushrooms for eating so if you can get a viable farm off the ground you should be able to make a go of it.

There's quite a thriving community of organic growers down in Kyushu so if you can't find anyone here have a butchers at the Woof Japan website.