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Hi everyone! My name is Arno. French guy living in Nishinomiya (Hyogo) for 4 years now. Former English teacher, I am now studying Japanese by myself. With my husband we have this idea of moving to the Inaka so we are super excited to get to learn new things from this forum. Hope you are all safe and sound.


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Zasso Nouka
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Hi Arno and welcome to Japan simple life. Thank you very much for taking the time to sign up, we really do appreciate that.

If you don't mind sharing sharing what is your plan for moving to the countryside ? IE, remote working, farming, opening a restaurant or something else entirely ? I'm not trying to be really nosey here but just curious what you have in mind.

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Hi Arno, looking forward to your adventures towards the inaka.

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Hi Arno. If I weren't clear on the other side of the country (living in Ibaraki), I'd probably have bought something deep in the rural north of Hyogo. I spent a few days tramping through the area in 2017, east to west from Kyoto and into Okayama... and look forward to returning. Absolutely love it up there... Yabu City, Shiso City... Basically they're just a collection of villages administratively lashed together but still extremely rural, extremely beautiful, full of the nicest folks to be found anywhere.

The place wasn't deserted or depressed, but I passed a lot of vacant properties. I reckon you could find something up there for cheap...

Good luck and may your dream come true...

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Hi Arno! Can't wait to see what you guys decide to do!