Greetings from Ibaraki / Fukushima

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Greetings from Ibaraki / Fukushima

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Zasso Nouka wrote:
Mon Jul 05, 2021 7:22 am
Looks really good. One thing I've always wondered about irori is where does the smoke go ?
This is an interesting question. If you start the charcoal properly, once it's going it hardly smokes at all so it's not much an issue...but it will smoke a bit in the beginning and I guess it's just supposed to go up into the attic and get soaked up into the thatch or find its way out of the various small cracks and gaps up there.

Of course, if you do what I did and buy some of that cheap vietnamese firewood from Komeri and give that a go... you end up smoking the place out and opening all the windows. I won't be doing that again...

The thatch in the attic is pitch black, by the way... it's definitely seen its share of exposure to smoke. I am told this prevents bugs and things from living in it. All exposed wood on the second floor is black, actually...

A lot of the kominka up in Aizu seem to have a proper traditional chimney-ish thingy at the top of their roof, but not my place. That being said, I am thinking of wiring up some sort of fan/ductwork at some point to suck the smoke out of the rafters when it gets too much. I imagine it can make the upstairs quite toxic without a chimney.

All in good time ;-)

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Greetings from Ibaraki / Fukushima

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Ah, so you burn charcoal in there rather than wood, I'd always wondered how they worked. Thanks for the explanation.