Real Estate Employee in Hiroshima

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Real Estate Employee in Hiroshima

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I'm Andrew from Kansas City, Missouri in the USA. I live in the city of Hiroshima working for an agency that has nothing to do with akiya/inaka but I love getting out into the country or the Seto Islands between Honshu and Shikoku.

With a job in the city, I chose to move recently to an area right by the port that allows access to the many islands nearby Hiroshima.

I bought a drone a year ago and have been enjoying taking mountain/sea footage. Would love to do a video on someone's countryside home nearby just for fun.

Just got recommended to this community by an active member, onemoregaijin, friend in Okayama.

I'm hoping to expand my real estate skills to more than outside the city. Teach me your ways and let's connect and be friends. :)

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Real Estate Employee in Hiroshima

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Hi Andrew,

Welcome to Japan Simple Life and thank you for taking the time to sign up, we really do appreciate that.

Sounds like a nice move getting closer to the port if you enjoy travelling around the seto islands, it really is a lovely part of Japan. I have this romantic notion that it would be nice to live there but imagine the reality of making a living there might be a bit difficult.

What drone do you have ? I must admit I haven't had the chance to fly mine quite as much as I'd like recently as farming has been quite busy.

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Real Estate Employee in Hiroshima

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Hi Andrew,

I also live in Hiroshima prefecture. I'm kinda in the middle of Hiroshima prefecture but still only about a 1hr from the Seto island sea.

What island do you like or recommend visiting? Just last weekend we went to Okuno jima or better known as rabbit island. It is a nice little island to walk around and watch the rabbits. I've been been to Ozakikami-jima probably the most. Good for picking blueberries and nice beaches. Also the Ryokan their with its onsen and great view of the inland sea is highly recommended.

Interesting offer about the drone video footage. We have an old kominka with a vineyard and peach orchard near by. When we bought our place, the previous owner had an old aerial photo of our kominka and surrounding rice paddies. Would be great to have a new updated photo, things look a lot different now. Probably will take some time to convince the wife to let a stranger on the internet to come and take video of our home. :) :naughty: :roll: