Hello from Kansai

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Mountain Man
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Hello from Kansai

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Hi all,

Longtime lurker, but figured it was about time to sign up as I now have a bit of land to do stuff with (which will no doubt lead to a lot of queries and questions as things progress).

For a bit of background, I recently bought an old kominka in southern Kyoto prefecture, with a bit of a garden attached and enough land to grow some vegetables on.
The house is in decent condition considering its age although needs an extensive refurbishment to make it livable - I’ll be doing little bits here and there myself but working with professionals who will do all the major stuff.
Also may be able to use some adjacent land for more extensive farming if I really get a taste for it (don’t have any real experience yet however).

Looking forward to learning lots going forward - this forum has already been extremely useful to that end, so thanks very much and yoroshiku!

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Zasso Nouka
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Hello from Kansai

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Welcome to Japan Simple Life Mountain Man and thank you so much for taking the time to join our little community, we really do appreciate that.

Sounds like you are starting an interesting project, if you have an inclination to post any photos of your progress I for one would be interested to see but if you prefer to maintain a level of anonymity please don't feel under any pressure to do so. I just enjoy looking at other peoples diy projects. I think working alongside professionals is a great way to learn new skills and ensures things are done properly while also giving you a chance to have your own input.

Nice to have a small veggy plot to grow your own but also at the same time have the option to expand if you find it's something you really enjoy.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

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Hello from Kansai

Post by gonbechan »

So lovely to have you here and like Zasso says.. piccies are always welcome.
Progression of a project is always inspiring to others.