Login attempts & password resets

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Login attempts & password resets

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A quick heads up folks.

It would appear that someone is trying to brute force passwords for the forum and perform password resets on accounts from proxy servers. Most of the attacks seem to be directed at either Gonbechan or my account (presumably as we have admin rights) but they are also targeting other accounts as well. I have set up an extension to give you a warning if someone has unsuccessfully attempted to guess your password and it will give you a notification when you login of how many attempts there were since your last visit. If you are using a simple password I would highly recommend changing it to something randomly generated and 16 characters or over and using a password manager or Google Chrome (or Chromium).

On another note, since we switched over to using Google's reCaptcha during the sign up process we've eliminated bot signups completely but are still getting a persistent individual attempting signups from proxy servers. Given that these types of sign ups are generally for malicious purposes we will continue to block them