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Re: Ibaraki Llama brought me here

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Not sure if this is the reason but some Japanese folks see old farm houses as drafty and cold places to live (which seems a bit rich when you think how bitterly cold many modern houses are outside of the one room reeking of kerosene fumes) without the benefits a newer house might offer. Yet once properly restored old farm houses offer a very pleasant space to live in.

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Re: Ibaraki Llama brought me here

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farmingnoob wrote:
Wed Nov 27, 2019 9:45 am
My wife, however, isn't too interested in it. :roll:
Took me years of watching tv programs together , showing her books and magazines, telling success stories from friends and acquaintances and bringing up the fact that it was a realistic, stylish, original, comfortable, affordable option. I also know that the majority of the cheaper housing maker materials are plastic that will degrade quickly and in the end you’re likely to need a home repair loan before you’re even done paying the original home loan. I wouldn’t say it all at once. Bide your time and let her recognize those things and even “realize” some things for herself.

The flip side of the country house thing is that it’s likely something will always be needing attention or fixing! If you can’t or don’t want to (learn how to) do the renovations or maintenance, you are likely to end up spending almost as much on renovating as a new cheap house. And don’t expect her to be as gung ho as you about farm life if she’s from town. Sometimes my wife only comes out to the house we’re (I’m!)renovating cuz she’s worried I’m dead and I only have a cheap life insurance policy so I’m worth more alive than dead. She IS excited about the wood stove and the view out of the back windows. I think having/finding things she will really like or want will help her be more interested in the process. And it really IS a PROCESS!