Wallpaper vs Paint

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Wallpaper vs Paint

Post by gonbechan »

Not sure what it does (the sealant) but yes when the second coat is dry no crumbs or flakes come off the old drywall and the plaster sticks really well.
On the bottle it also says something about stopping stains seeping through the plaster (akudome)

For us, we used about half a bucket of plaster for a 6 tatami japanese room. One coat was plenty. But there are windows on 3 sides so depending on how much wall you have, mileage may differ.

In contrast, when we first moved in, we did the kitchen using the 'shikkui paint' for use over wallpaper. It did the job, but needed 2 coats and lots of the paint. It was pretty spendy. You can still see the 3d pattern of the wallpaper if you use this, in contrast to the plaster we used in the japanese room, which is gorgeous and smooth.

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Wallpaper vs Paint

Post by KumamotoHunter »

I think I am going to strip the wallpaper, then paint over the plasterboard with white paint.
I contacted the maker of the paint I intend to use. They said it would be best to put a coat of sealant on the plasterboard before painting, so I will do that.