Converting Land Use

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Converting Land Use

Post by vapidspants »

I suspect the rules depend on prefecture and even municipal rules, but I was hoping to learn a bit more about the conversion process for land.

That could be either farmland to residential. Or even 原野 to residential.

Bonus points if someone can explain how to search for 原野 land - that does not seems to be a common listing on Suumo or elesewhere.

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Zasso Nouka
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Converting Land Use

Post by Zasso Nouka »

Never done it myself but I suspect it will involve a lot of teeth sucking and muzukashi desu ne. In all seriousness though converting any sort of farmland to housing or non agricultural use as an individual is likely to be extremely difficult unless you have a compelling reason and very very good local connections with the Nougyou Inkai and local council. If you have the backing of a large company then it's relatively doable as I know someone that rents part of their farmland out to a big electrical chain store and that company changed the zoning of the land to allow their store to be built.

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Converting Land Use

Post by KumamotoHunter »

I converted agricultural land (農地) to mountain land (山林).
I had to get the previous owner's permission and inkan, JA approval, city hall approval, and pay a judicial scrivener for the changeover.