Best insulation for windows

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Best insulation for windows

Post by KumamotoHunter »

DocDoesFarming wrote:
Tue Jan 24, 2023 8:47 am
Good news everyone.

The government has a scheme to help swap old windows and doors to double glazing shizzle. For the windows you get the full amount back, for those horrendous large sliding doors it's 3/4. Obviously like with most of these things you have to pay up front and then apply afterwards.

Hopefully there's a scheme to help pay to replace my walls also, followed by the roof, and floor thinking about it.
Can you please provide a link?

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Best insulation for windows

Post by Chuck2 »

Not sure if these are the systems Doc is talking about but here are two systems that were in place a couple of years ago.

here is a link to the point system program

And here the dannetsu renovation program. This program has a set budget, so once it is met they stop taking applications for the year. You might not be able to use it this year anymore. Application starts in May of each year.

You can use both systems on the same renovation but you can't use the same item for each system.
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Best insulation for windows

Post by DocDoesFarming »

KumamotoHunter wrote:
Wed Jan 25, 2023 12:00 pm
Can you please provide a link?
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Zasso Nouka
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Best insulation for windows

Post by Zasso Nouka »

It looks like they are also subsidising eco-cute's and ene-farms there, which is quite a good idea. Well maybe not the ene-farm bit, I'm not convinced of the environmental aspects of them but subsidising eco-cutes and hybrid heaters seems like a good idea.