"Granny flats" in Japan

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"Granny flats" in Japan

Post by czaujapman »

Is there such a thing as granny flats in Japan? I believe in other countries they're called something else, basically self contained small house that can be quickly put up in any garden. Provided you have the land for it, are there any legal obstacles in Japan? And are there any suppliers? I've seen dome houses, but don't really fancy plastic much. Would prefer not to build myself, both of my hands are left and I'm right handed if you get the meaning.
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"Granny flats" in Japan

Post by Zasso Nouka »

Do you have a granny that is in urgent need of housing ? :lol:

What I see mostly in our village and the surrounding ones is granny carries on living in her house and kids build new houses in the family plot.

Or are you looking to put up a small house for yourself ? If you fancy a kit log house you can get one here and arrange a local buider to put it together for you.

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"Granny flats" in Japan

Post by gonbechan »

In the inaka pretty much a granny flat is a hanareya or a mini house similar to the main house and connected with a earth or concrete floor passagy thingie... or alternatively above the garage.
I do have friends who have bought 'container houses' or those little construction office thingies for their adolescant kids who want a little bit of autonomy away from the parental main house.

I will have a dig around for some links once I am more caffienated, but there are a miriad of options.

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"Granny flats" in Japan

Post by Tora »

Mujirushi made a mini house kit a few years ago. It was about ¥3mil at the time. I think you could get a local carpenter to put up something well insulated for that or less if it’s on pier blocks (not a poured foundation).

The pier block base seem to be a workaround for zoning, permits, and taxes as the building is not “permanent” since it’s not tied to a foundation. Usually not a problem with stability unless you live in an area that gets blasted with typhoon wind.

Definitely check with local authorities and professionals before making any moves.