Kanagawa Resident Checking In!

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Kanagawa Resident Checking In!

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Hey everyone,

I'm in Kanagawa, on the Miura Peninsula. I'm on the west coast of the peninsula and while it's not as rural as many other members, it's far from urban.

Previously lived in Osaka for nearly 28 years, moved up here in the summer of 2021 due to a job in Tokyo. I'm 95-99% remote work and drive into the city once every couple of months, sometimes once a month.

We've been renting since we moved up here but plan to buy a place in the next year or so. Taking our time and looking for the right place. Somewhere older but not falling down. Would like a little bit of land around it, and a decent sized house.

Looking forward to participating here!

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Zasso Nouka
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Kanagawa Resident Checking In!

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Hi Mudo and welcome to Japan Simple Life.

Thank you for taking the time to sign up to our little community, we really do appreciate you taking the time to join.

Sounds like you have a nice work style combined with a good location. It's not too onerous having to go into an office every now and then if you can work from home the rest of the time and renting a place where you want to settle gives you plenty of time to find the right place without having to rush into anything. Hope you find something suitable soon :thumbup: