Hello from Chiba

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Hello from Chiba

Post by Emiloj »

Hi everyone,
Thanks for letting me join this forum. Looks like a stellar community you guys have.

I'm currently living a bit outside Kashiwa, Chiba and me and my wife are both working desk jobs in Tokyo. Last year I started attending a 1.5-year agriculture program (アグリイノベーション大学校 if anyone is interested) with a dream of moving to the countryside in Chiba and start farming vegetables - probably for ourselves first and then turning it into a business if feasible.

I'm lucky enough to have a relatively big garden (considering we are this close to Tokyo), so I get to practice all the techniques I'm learning. This year I had my first proper potato and garlic harvest and it's a joy to share with my friends and neighbors. We are currently scouring the internet for a good homestead property and I can't wait to become part of a smaller community.

Looking forward talking to you all! :D



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Zasso Nouka
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Hello from Chiba

Post by Zasso Nouka »

Welcome to the forum Emil and thank you for taking the time to sign up, we really appreciate that and hope you find something interesting here.

Good idea with the training course, wish I'd done something like that. Probably wouldn't have made so many mistakes if I had :doh: and am still making :lol:. You can hit the ground running and get right into it this way.

Like you I used to work in IT, network security rather than your field and it was good for a while but ultimately unsatisfying although the pay was a lot better than now :crying-yellow: but life satisfaction is a million fold better.

Your garden looks lovely, wish our place is that tidy. Your garlic and potatoes look great, our garlic is ok but cosmetically doesn't look so nice because the ground has been so wet recently. Looks like the rainy season is getting earlier and earlier each year but that's handy for seeding and transplanting all the summer veg so can't complain.

Anyway thanks for signing up and look forward to chatting with you.

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Hello from Chiba

Post by gonbechan »

Emil, it is so wonderful to have you join us. Your garden looks so good, I bet you can't wait to have a lot more space.
Excellent vampire defence system around your house too.. Great job man!

I am looking forward to following your future adventures in looking for land, farming and vampire protection :D