Tactics & ideas for dealing with extreme weather

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Tactics & ideas for dealing with extreme weather

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I moved some potted plants around this morning. Including 4 pots with Portuguese Kale (a type of perennial tree kale) in them. I was positioning the cold tolerant stuff on the engawa and bringing the non-frost hardy stuff inside.

I went out at lunchtime and noticed that 2 of the kale were wilting and even had some scorched, crumbly leaves - they were perfectly fine in the morning. The 2 in larger pots were only looking a bit sad, so I moved them out of the sun and in a panic decided to repot the bad ones into bigger pots. Note that they weren't in especially small pots, 2L ish. The larger pots were 4L. (in retrospect, I shouldn't have repotted, as I just gave them a double shock :doh: )

The soil was still quite moist to the touch but it felt like I was putting my hand into a bath, it was probably mid 30s C in there. No wonder they fried. So yeah, end of October and pot plants are cooking in the sun... :shifty:

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Tactics & ideas for dealing with extreme weather

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I wonder how much longer this warm weather will last for, from a growing point of view up until the end of November would be nice or even a bit into December :dance: