Stardew Valley Inaka

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Stardew Valley Inaka

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Hello! My name is Stroodal.

I am a United States Navy Veteran that was stationed in Atsugi / Yokosuka, where I met my wife, who is a Japanese National. I am currently working as a computer engineer in the defense industry.

My wife and I are looking into making a massive life change which involves finding an Akiya for renovation, so we can start living an inaka lifestyle.

We are a young family (just had our first kid out of hopefully 3), with a lot of support from our families. I also have the fortunate ability to sustain around a few thousand dollars a month for the foreseeable future. Our dream is to find a large Kominka with some land to start somewhat of a homestead. Some other members of her family may live with us as well. Perhaps we will be able to create a business involving tourism, food service, or agriculture.

This winter, we are taking one of many trips to Japan to not only see family, but to start exploring some areas we may want to settle down in. I love winter activities as well as drinking a beer in the onsen (if it’s allowed). So we have been eyeing some places around Nagano. My wife doesn’t want to live off grid, and we are also searching for places that offer assistance for families (not sure if we could even qualify).

I’ve been lurking in this community for awhile now, and all of a sudden today I felt like I needed to take a first step towards our dream. I’m tired of this pressure to consume and always make more money in the US. I want a slower pace lifestyle. I want to watch my kids grow up and not be in some commute for an endless grind just to buy the next new thing. I take inspiration from games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. I even started a decently successful micro hydroponics farm in my basement. I’m sure that the inaka lifestyle is the lifestyle I want. I also believe that this is what is best for my family.

I hope to find some support and resources here. Thanks for reading!


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Stardew Valley Inaka

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welcome to your dream :D
Also great to have you here... and looking forward to you sharing your journey with us.

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Stardew Valley Inaka

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Welcome to the forum Stroodal and thank you for taking the time to sign up, we really do appreciate that.

Sounds like you have a good plan there and having a stable income as you transition should really help. You can take your time finding the right place and deciding what you want to do.

I used to work in IT as well and although it paid well and was quite an interesting job moving into agriculture has been a lot more satisfying. Far less well paid but in terms of living a sustainable life far more rewarding.

Obviously we wish the very best in making your transition and please do let us know how it's progressing.

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Stardew Valley Inaka

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Welcome to the forums mate.
There are many assistance packages available in Japan, depending on the region.

Here in Yamanashi I know of a few that we or friends used.
Opening a small business and staying open for 2 yrs - 1000000 JPY.
Renovation assistance packages (hojoukin?) - double glazing windows up to 2000000 JPY. Renovating old house and installing insulation up to 1000000 JPY. Installing ecoCute water heater $$$. Installing new septic $$$. Some real estate fees can get partially refunded too depending on area where you buy.

The list goes on...and of course some packages have strings attached.
I wish my reading capabilities were better - I am sure there are many assistance options we might miss as my wife isn't the "researching" type.
That said she found the small akiya we are renovating now so have to give her kudos for that. :lol:

Good luck!
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Re: Stardew Valley Inaka

Post by stroodal »


That’s awesome! Thanks for the encouraging words. I’m actually a few days before a three week scouting trip to Japan. We are looking at the Niigata and Toyama area to feel some vibes. It’s cool to see some people who followed similar paths work out. Thanks again all!

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Re: Stardew Valley Inaka

Post by tataminodani »

Welcome! I hope you get it all worked out