Hello from Aichi!

Please introduce yourself
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Hello from Aichi!

Post by gonbechan »

I wouldnt settle.. theres TONS of stuff out there.. not just akiya..
Get hold of a bigger estate agent, HouseDo usually do shitadori (forget the english) for other real estate companies.. and go through all they have.
dont decide until you really get everything your heart wants, or you will regret it forever.

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Hello from Aichi!

Post by m00nberri »

We've been out looking at places with other agents/companies as well, it just so happened that we heard about this one from her.
This one honestly is everything we really wanted! A LOT of space, quiet area, good privacy, very close to homecenter/super/post, etc. :D
We're just waiting for an inspection now to make sure the overall structure is safe and checking for termites/etc.

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Hello from Aichi!

Post by tataminodani »

Heya mate, sorry for my own slow reply.

The housedo guy showed me that exact house. He was pushing me to buy it but I wanted the other one, so they want to sell it.

A big part is I won't be moving for a while and that place was another 30m or so further away from my current house so it would have made the commute even more painful. I also wanted more seclusion that that place had.

I wonder what you did to make the lady dislike you so much. :? She was fine with us.

If you can get around the lady to the guy he should be ok to sell it.