Gonna need some help

Finding land, working a small plot or anything else countryside related
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Gonna need some help

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DocDoesFarming wrote:
Fri Jan 19, 2024 10:21 am
Not a lot of talking is required, you basically slave away on the farm and take in how people are doing things unless you want to go in massive depth with questions.
Hahahahahahaha yep that's definitely the Japanese way :D :D :D
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Gonna need some help

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Seems like were in , im joining the program this Juli. i had an interesting interview with the Niigata agriculture board and a bit back and forth. they were impressed with the idea of comining big grazers , rice and sorghum for an diverse farm.

Ty for all the info! i should be up and running next year near kizaki in joutsu!
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