A simple hello from Singapore

Please introduce yourself
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A simple hello from Singapore

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Hello Simple-lifers,

My name is Darren. Originally from the UK but currently living with my wife in Singapore. Really happy to have discovered this forum - from the few posts I’ve read, it seems to be a goldmine of useful information and members and I hope to be able to ask questions and contribute in any small way that I can.

We are looking to live in the Japanese countryside rather than visit as a tourist. We are about to do our first reconnaissance trip in February in the Hiroshima, Okayama and Hyogo area initially to gain some insights about life there. Our aim is likely to open a small cafe and Minpaku and to do some small-scale organic farming for rice, veggies and fruit - mostly to use in the cafe. As I am now retired from an intensive corporate life, I am shooting off in the opposite direction - am about to study Japanese carpentry and begin to learn the language - the biggest challenge for sure !


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Re: A simple hello from Singapore

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Hi Darren and welcome to the forum,

We really do appreciate you taking the time to sign up and thank you for your kind words. Sounds like a good plan you have there, I think having a good plan with definite objectives is halfway to succeeding. That's not to say just getting stuck in and seeing what opportunities present themselves isn't successful either :lol:

In the right location a small cafe/restaurant can be quite successful and the same goes with a little guest house. Location is everything. @donguri runs a restaurant and grows her own veggies and there are plenty of others that can help you with the farming side.

Best of luck with your transition and look forward to hearing how you get on.

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A simple hello from Singapore

Post by tataminodani »

Welcome Darren!

Good luck with the hunt. I am also interested in Japanese carpentry and am looking forward to rolling my sleeves up and doing some building.